Seed Wtr
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Crafted for every sip, designed for exploration!

Meet SeedWTR - not just a water beverage, but a groundbreaking advertising movement where hydration meets purpose, empowering brands to craft a unique and memorable experience.

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Who Are We?

We are a FREE water beverage company challenging the traditional norms of hydration and advertising. Our unique approach transforms each bottle into prime advertising real estate, allowing brands to tell their story in a truly unique and refreshing way. Visualise us as a portable drinkable billboard delivered precisely when it matters most.

Why SeedWTR?

Traditional advertising is stale and we’re here to challenge them! No more fleeting billboards, forgotten newspaper ads or outdated brochures. With SeedWTR, we aim to empower brands to connect with their audience via long term engagements rather than short term impressions! Personalise and localise our blank canvas to put a smile on their face!

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Your Design, Our Water!

Your brand, your event, your vibe, all bottled up in our unique paper carton bottles. Personalise and imprint your brand to leave a memorable impression. We’re not just any other water beverage service provider. In a world where details matter, we offer the perfect blank canvas for you to personalise and elevate your brand! We’re sippable, but not skippable!

Let’s connect and explore the possibilities of a beneficial collaboration!