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What is SeedWTR?
Seed WTR is a free water beverage company. Our beverage is free because we transform each paper carton bottle into prime real estate for advertisers. Think of us as a portable drinkable billboard.
How does SeedWTR work?
We have partnered with multiple locations in Mumbai. You can select where you want your advertisement to be distributed based on your target audience. Our unique portable and drinkable billboards are distributed via vending machines stationed at these touchpoints.
Why is SeedWTR advertising considered better than other mediums?
How many billboards do you remember seeing today? Or the advertisement on the front page of your local newspaper? Can you track each impression? Is there a way for you to retarget these impressions? With Seed WTR, our goal is to challenge these traditional offline mediums by allowing you to control and measure each impression. You can’t improve what you can’t measure and we are here to help you do just that!
Can I decide where my branded bottles will be distributed?
You can either select from one of our locations, or if you want to distribute our paper carton bottles in your locality, we can ship these bottles to you as well.
Is it possible to track the distribution?
Absolutely! Via our vending machines you will be able to track every impression. We want to give you the opportunity to communicate and personalize your story for each and every impression.
How much does advertising with SeedWTR cost?
There is no one size fits all answer. It all depends on the quantity, number of sides utilised and distribution location. Please reach out to us and we can work it out!
What are the MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities)?
Our unique paper carton bottles have a MOQ of 5000 units.
Above all, can u assure the safety of both packaging and water with SeedWTR ?
  • Our paper carton bottles are made up of 76% paper board, 20% aluminium which is the layer inside the bottle, and a 4% PE lining on the outside. Our paper is sourced from 100% FSC certified mills that plant as many trees as used to maintain a 100% ecological balance.
  • We use 100% purified water that undergoes a UV treatment killing all microbes present in water without altering the taste of it. Additionally we add a splash of natural mint extract to give everyone a refreshing and a long lasting experience.